Well, that’s a more comprehensible post than usual, and I do have a fairly high SAN (I think!) and can risk it, here’s my answer. No, I know little about Brit PR, and am happy to keep it that way. As for Ms. Rowling, a semi-Blairite is my impression, I never thought her books were that good, the movies definitely better. When the last book came out, out of sheer annoyance at the hype over the Grand Secret of the ending, I just read the ending to see how it all came out without wading through all 700 pages.

  • This year, more than any other year, the localised consensus realities that up to now could sort of coexist in parallel, have started to really collide.
  • CFDs are complex instruments and bring high risk of losing money because of the leverage they provide.
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  • I suspect you could do that, and now I’m wondering whether it would be a good idea.

The displaced farmers were mainly white sharecroppers, who coudln’t afford even a single bad season, and they were driven off the land by the environmental issues caused by farming incorrectly. This article states xcritical cheating that if we use the US definition of urban , then India would be over 60% urban. This article is worth a read, since it touches upon how different polities classify their populations as either urban or rural.

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Since Adidas already make a shoe with 95% being plastic recovered from the ocean that technology is already available. Sure, it’s a $7000 luxury item made in ridiculously tiny numbers… But it actually exists and really is a retail product made from recycled ocean plastic. Conservationists plant a ‘super grove’ of redwood trees cloned from ancient stumps The clones come from trees that were larger than any alive today. A mature coast redwood can remove huge amounts of carbon dioxide from the air, the AATA points out, sequestering as much as 250 tons of the greenhouse gas per tree.

So rather than mine Australia’s artesian water to grow crops and lug them to the other side of the world, you pave Australia with solar generators and ship the electricity to the “grow den” in London or New York or wherever. Instead of making bags of water a great distance from their point of consumption, you grow them where they’re going to be used. That gives you a local cycle and with high population density it’s more practical to do industrial recycling of the waste so you can get closer to a closed system. Economic growth is a complex thing, not easy to define, and evolves over time. Available workforce is certainly an important component of it but there are others, like productivity resulting from mechanization/ automation, international trade and the like. The ideal situation IMHO is to be able to grow everything in stacked sky scrapers under LEDs and let farmland revert back to wilderness.

  • Take your foot off the gas NOW and you’re better prepared for when you need to start braking instead of being surprised when the idiot in front of you suddenly slams on his brakes.
  • The number of deaths from starvation is usually estimated at 6.5 million, with the majority of the dead – about 4 million – in Ukraine, where resistance to collectivization was the most stubborn.
  • I’d also point out that I don’t know of any hard evidence for a wealthy right-wing conspiracy to commit a majority genocide.
  • So Robert, I’m going to suggest that you have a proven problem with bad hazard perception by Toronto drivers, which may be at least partly a result of bad law making in setting speed limits.
  • Sadly no country yet has marriage equality/consent-based marriage.

But I’m not going to go into other areas, though, because that would offer opportunity to derail the point I was making. Since they won control of the Atlantic, the British have used blockades to starve continental powers such as Napoleon’s France or the Kaiser’s Germany into submission. There’s a reason Germany practiced https://xcritical.pro/ unrestrained submarine warfare in the world wars. Roman scientists invented plenty of potentially labor-saving technologies like watermills, but they weren’t actually used till a thousand years later, as there was no need for them seen, as making higher profits was simply not what the Roman economy was about.

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Replace livestock farming with fake veggy meat like the Impossible Burger and meat grown in vats from stem cells. And get our sea food from aqua fisheries instead of wiping out our remaining fish stocks. Yes and no, and even if they are, scientists are not always our friends. (I’ve worked with researchers from around the world for 30+ years. Their hearts are in the right place, but their minds don’t always follow.) The recent CRISPR scandal in China is just one example. With plants, which I’m much more experienced with, the issue of transgene escape is serious. The basic notion is that if a gene makes it into the pollen etc., it can spread to other evolutionarily similar species.

  • People therefore considered it a bad bet to assume that they personally, or their kingdom, or the entire world, would be producing more wealth ten years down the line.
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  • (I’ve worked with researchers from around the world for 30+ years. Their hearts are in the right place, but their minds don’t always follow.) The recent CRISPR scandal in China is just one example.
  • Albo’s probably more likely than TP or PW to slip the knife into BS too.
  • I don’t think there are good solutions to this problem, BTW, except euthanasia and that’s not a solution than can be applied from outside.

Occasionally, you buy some information, honey trap a businessman. Soft power is far cheaper, for its effect, than maintaining the Western Group of Forces, or the Red Banner Northern Fleet. So, is there an industrial process that fits this model of putting things in the sea that absorbs minerals? There’s one that absorbs calcium, which is vastly more abundant in sea water than uranium. One which closely replicates the requirement for a warm sea and a good tidal flow.

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Anyway, if I want to compare poverty and development, I’d like to use HDI, which, at least, is monitored by UN and is at least running for considerable time rather than being pulled out of some nebulous arse of “economic experts”. Now what we have in this world is not “poverty reduction”, it is just richest and wealthiest of the world allow these countries to barely stay above the water, so they can continue to suck them dry for profit and labor force. If you want to know how it goes in these countries, just go and see for their demographic performance. Obtaining uranium from granite always was an academic example, to debunk the ridiculous claims that uranium would run out if we used it. There may be a fairly limited amount of high-grade uranium ore, but there is an immense amount of medium-grade ore, and any sane approach to atomic power would also use thorium.

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As for the public not liking extremists, well, as Dylan said once upon a time, “the times they are a’changin.” You don’t need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows nowadays. Each city could grow all of its own food in warehouses or even underground. Those who find this idea unnatural should remember that a farm is no more “natural” than a skyscraper. And the land currently used for farming can revert back to wilderness in all of its biodiversity glory.

Ixnay on the elpfulhay uidancegay, ehay illway ninay imetay. Parliament would not have backed a war against Hitler when Chamberlain flew to Munich, nor would the British voters. But Churchill did not have backing in parliament for war over the Sudetenland. With the Munich Agreement in 1938, Chamberlain maneuvered parliament into supporting a declaration on Hitler if Hitler continued his aggression…

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The real question is what people gain by pushing this myth and dismantling commons that used to be more widespread. This list almost certainly upset you, and that’s the point. The critical point isn’t the truth of the statement, it’s your reaction to it. Knowing the truth doesn’t make you free immediately , it’s xcritical official site generally horribly upsetting at first . My good news comes wholly on the creative front. And, of course, because of the fake greenies, anyone who is actually concerend about real long-term trends & damage gets put in the same basket as these religious nutcases, which empowers the coal-burners so to speak.

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Hm, I know people worse than SR and other problematic commentators. Though it might have something to do with the anthropologist on Mars quite often being stuck with a quite hospitable tribe of slash-burn farmers who just happen to attack the neighbouring tribe, kill and eat the men and kidnap the women and children. They are not xenophobic, you see, they don’t care for real foreigners, it’s just personal with the other tribe, and they have known each other for generations. SR I hope you now have a better idea of both the source data and the reasoning behind how those estimates were arrived at. I’m now going to cease spamming the comments thread with this, interesting though it may be.

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So, I guess, ultimately, if you like, you could call this a tide powered mining operation. And anywhere is suitable as long as the water is not utterly stagnant. You know how we know it is an energy positive operation?

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On the positive side olive trees don’t need much maintenance so could be grown even if there was radiation, they don’t need much water, so less risk of leaching, and are high calorie so worth a certain amount of hassle. It’s almost as if some moderately smart and competent folks have considered how such a project might be carried out, timescales and costs and such. Lodging is definitely a problem with tall crops, including but not limited to rice and wheat, and traditional farmers for the last few thousand years undoubtedly noticed that lodging caused high crop losses. Since I was born we’ve changed from about 70% of the world’s population living in extreme poverty to about 8%. With the trend accelerating in the last two decades.

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